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How to be More Comfortable During Your Pregnancy

How To Be More Comfortable During Your Pregnancy

Pregnancy is an experience that no one can truly prepare for, and in more reasons than one. This doesn’t mean that you can’t set up arrangements, however. The part you can’t totally prepare for is the emotional journey; you can’t understand it until you’re taking it. There is, of course, the unconditional love that you feel for your child. Beside this joy, however, comes inevitable discomfort. As you navigate your pregnancy, you’ll want to come up with different ways to ease your physical burden. We made a brief list of simple ways to be more comfortable during pregnancy.

Elevate Your Feet

If possible, try to elevate your feet every time you sit down. Your body is producing extra blood while you’re pregnant, which puts significate pressure on your veins. Keeping your feet up can help alleviate that pressure and improve your circulation. You should also avoid staying on your feet too long and crossing your legs.

Use the Restroom Before You Sleep

No one likes to get up to use the restroom in the middle of the night—especially when they’re carrying extra weight. Always make a point to empty your bladder before going to bed. Additionally, we recommend cutting off your water intake 30 minutes before you plan on falling asleep.

Invest in Comfortable Clothes

You’ll need maternity clothes, and it’s important to note that some are better than others. Though they sport a higher price tag, maternity clothes are well worth it. If there’s any time when you should be comfortable in your clothes, it’s now. Many retailers design maternity clothes to help you feel better in what you’re wearing, making them a great investment.

Get Prenatal Massages

We can’t stress enough the benefits of prenatal massages. Your baby is causing a substantial amount of stress to your spine and pelvis, and you can expect to feel the effects. Prenatal massage therapists have been specially trained in ways to ease the tension caused to your body.

Pay Attention to Your Diet

Your diet is incredibly important when it comes to the health of you and your baby. You’ll want to be sure to have snacks often enough and should keep high protein items on you at all times. The pressure caused on your bladder can easily cause urinary leaks, but you can lessen these by avoiding certain types of food and drink.


Your body will thank you if you’re sure to exercise during your pregnancy. You’ll want to consult your doctor about what will be safe and help up your comfort levels. Oftentimes, medical professionals will recommend swimming and yoga are activities for pregnant women.

Use Epsom Salts

Epsom salts in your bath are a great way to loosen your muscles and relax. These, in conjunction with the steam from the water, will do your body a litany of favors. This is also a good time to decompress and clear your mind.


Sleepless nights with baby is coming soon enough!  Now is the time to make sure you are comfortable and hanging in there before the chaos comes!

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