Baby Boy Sleep Training Success Story

Baby girls hold onto your rattles, Evan is well-rested so watch out! Calling Susie has been the best decision I've made for myself and my baby. He is now the "joy" that everyone hopes for. Naps and bedtime are no…

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Can A Baby Sleep Too Much? And Is It A Bad Thing? Probably Not! Find Out If Your Baby Is Sleeping Too Much And If It's OK?

How Much Sleep is too Much?

Since yesterday's post had to do with average daily sleep requirements, an awesome reader, Michelle H. asked: How much sleep is too much??? Here was my response: Since every child has individual sleep needs it's hard to say how much…

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Baby Sleep Needs By Age

I get it.  I remember how you're feeling.  As a mom trying to do your best, you're not sure how much your baby should be sleeping or how many naps should your baby have. How about I make it super…

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