Is Your Child Always Waking Up From Their Nap early With Poop (that “special” Surprise)? The Whole Thing Stinks, that’s For Sure, But It’s Really Maddening When Your Child Is Waking Up Because Of Poop And Sleep Is Affected On A Regular Basis. Click Through To Learn A Few Tips On What May Be Causing It, And How To Keep Your Baby Comfortable During Sleep! Baby Sleep Tips | How To Get Your Baby To Sleep | Parenting | Newborn Sleep #sleepbabylove #sleeptips #sleep #parenting #newmom #babysleep

Is Your Child Waking Up Because of Poop?

 Is your child always waking up from their nap early with poop (that “special” surprise)? The whole thing stinks, that’s for sure, but it’s really maddening when your child is waking up because of poop and sleep is affected on a regular…

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