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Snoo Smart Bassinet: Shocker! Renting can make it affordable for you

“The SNOO Smart Bassinet is too expensive!”  That’s what I thought too.  I remember when the Snoo smart bassinet came on the market a couple of years back and it was selling for…wait for it…

The Snoo Smart Bassinet sells for $1,295.

Nope.  That’s not a misprint. 

For over $1,000 I figured that this bassinet must have magical powers.  It better feed, burp and soothe my child. 

I felt the SNOO was out of reach for most parents.  I thought it would become just one of the many other sleep products meant to exploit desperate parents.   I thought the SNOO would be a total bust.  

But… I was wrong.  It was within a few years of the SNOO entering the market that I heard moms raving.  I heard parents say it was the best thing since sliced bread.  I heard the SNOO was definitely worth the investment.  

So I was super excited to hear that SNOO now has a rental option.  So the SNOO smart bassinet is within reach for many parents praying the same positive results.  You don’t need to mortgage your house for a $1,000+ investment when the SNOO can be rented for dollars a day.

Wait… You Can Now Rent The SNOO?

Yep, now you can borrow a SNOO for just dollars a day.  So you’re not stuck buying another product you don’t need.  You can rent the SNOO and if it’s magical, keep using it.  If it doesn’t work for your baby, go ahead and send it back.  

The real breakdown is about $112 per month (with only a minimum of 1 month!)

You will get free shipping both ways.  But, wait there is more.  Your SNOO also includes: 

  • 3 free brand-new swaddles
  • Organic Cotton Fitted Sheet
  • Mattress

Plus, your SNOO is certified and sanitized so you can be assured that you’re not getting a dirty or gross one.

Does the SNOO Smart Bassinet work?  

Sadly my girls are all grown up so I’ll never be able to use the SNOO firsthand.  But, I’ve heard within many different moms groups that the SNOO was a lifesaver.  Moms raved that the Snoo was the best thing they ever bought for their baby.   

Over the last couple of years, I’ve worked with several clients who used the SNOO and they find that the SNOO was worth every last dime they paid. 

How Is The SNOO Different From a Regular Bassinet?

A regular bassinet is just a bassinet (or a place to set your child in a small space).  A bassinette doesn’t soothe, play white noise or lull your baby to sleep.

You need to put your baby within the bassinette and pray that your baby will fall asleep. 

Now, I’m a big fan of a baby sleeping on a flat surface early on.  To start with great sleep habits from birth any independent sleep is great.  I like to think of a newborn sleeping alone called “practice”. 

If laying your baby drowsy but awake early on, great.  But for many well-intended parents, placing a baby down flat results in a huge scream fest.

How the SNOO is different

The SNOO includes a swaddle within the bassinet allowing for your baby to be well-positioned and safe (eliminating the risk of rolling).

The SNOO mimics the womb environment with sound and motion.  

In addition, the SNOO’s website claims: 

    • Adds 1-2 hours of sleep
    • Naturally sleep trains, no need to cry-it-out
    • Only bed that is able to prevent risky rolling


  • A 24/7 smart helper, SNOO soothes baby while you fix a meal or catch some sleep

Essentially the SNOO has a setting to allow for a little soothing jiggle of the bassinet (similar to Harvey Carp’s 5s). 

What Age Can Baby Fit In the Snoo

The SNOO is meant for a baby birth to 6 months of age or a maximum weight of 25 pounds.  

I like to think that the SNOO is great for a parent of multiple children who doesn’t have the time to hold their non-sleeping baby all the time.

The AAP recalled inclined sleep products  (like the Rock N’ Play), leading to many parents scrambling when their sweet little babies wouldn’t sleep anywhere but in a parent’s arms.  

The SNOO is a safer place to sleep especially as a newborn when the parents are tempted to sleep in the same bed as a baby just for a coveted few extra minutes of shut-eye.

Once your baby exceeds the age and weight limits, the SNOO includes a weaning function to allow for a transition into a safe sleep environment, like a crib.  

If the weaning function doesn’t work for your baby, no worries, that’s why I’m here for you and we can create a customized sleep plan to help your baby transition fully into their own room.  

Where Can You Rent The Snoo?

The SNOO has rental options available on their website found here. They offer free shipping both ways!

What makes the SNOO Smart Bassinet worth it?

The SNOO smart bassinet mimics the way your baby slept in the womb. Created by Harvey Karp, the bassinet uses noise and motion to mimic the Happy Baby 5s.

How much does the SNOO Smart Bassinet Cost?

The SNOO retails for over $1,000 but you can rent the SNOO for dollars a day (approximately $3.70 / day). Rent it here.

Is the Snoo Smart Bassinet in Your Future?

Does the SNOO sound intriguing to take a look at?  Now you can with a rental option!  Click Here to start renting your SNOO.  Your sleep depends on it.  

Susie Parker

Susie Parker is founder of Sleep Baby Love and a Certified Infant and Child Sleep Consultant through the Family Sleep Institute. When Susie's not ridding the world of sleepless families, she loves spending time with her two girls that have given her a ton of real world sleep experience head on.

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